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Coronavirus – Information for Parents and Carers.

Please be advised that we will be opening again albeit with limited numbers from Monday 15th June 2020.

We will of course be observing strict government guidelines and working with St John’s PCC to ensure that the premises are clean and safe environment for the children to return.

Spaces now available for September!

Dormansland Pre-School is a small and welcoming village pre-school for children aged between 2 & 5 yrs. Our pre-school is situated in: The Parish Room, The Platt, Dormansland, Surrey, RH7 6RA.  Tel: 07855 279934.

Our facilities include: a large hall (complete with stage, kitchen and toilets) where we have a wide range of indoor equipment creating a vibrant, challenging and supportive play-based curriculum. We also have a secure outdoor area with new artificial grass and an all-weather canopy where children can access free-flow play whatever the weather!  Our outdoor area is equipped with a play house, slide, sandpit and a wide range of outdoor play equipment.

We are committed to ‘learning through play’ and follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).  We try and focus the environment in such a way that every area of learning is covered within the EYFS by using child intiated experiences with some adult input on activities to develop and extend each individual child’s stages of development.

Our Pre-school is registered with ‘OFSTED’, a copy of our latest inspection report can be seen under the ‘Links’ section on the right.

If you wish to know what’s going on this term then please see our newsletter.

Newsletter – Spring 2020

Spring term:

We hope that your Christmas was a good one and ‘Happy New Year’ to all parents and children old and new!  It will be another busy term, full of new activities and we will begin with the ‘Weather’ as our main topic!  We will of course also still take our lead from the children’s own idea’s and interests. We’ll begin our ‘Letter and Number of the Week’ with the letter ‘Ww’ and the number ‘7’.  Please watch our outside notice board to see what the next activity is that we will be doing and what the ‘letter and number of the week’ will be!

Home Activities:

To encourage the learning that your child will get from the above activities, there are also things that you can do together at home:

* Look at picture books or object’s that relate to  what the weather is doing today.

* Talk about the weather conditions and what clothes they may need to wear.

* Create a picture of what you did in the holidays for your child to bring into Pre-school.

*Collect postcards or photo’s so we can create a ‘Weather/Holiday’ display at Pre-school.

*Please bring into Pre-school any objects or books relating to the ‘Weather’ or relating to the ‘letter of the week’ that you might have, so that we can look at them together as a group at Circle Time.


You could read together; maybe even take a trip to the local library to find some of these books that relate to our theme:

* ‘Alfie Weather’ by Shirley Hughes

* ’One Snowy Night’ by Nick Butterworth

* ’Stormy Weather’ by Debi Gliori

* ‘Rain (whatever the weather) by Carol Thompson


Due to the unpredictability of our weather, please make sure that your child has appropriate outdoor clothing such as a jacket and wellies or sturdy outdoor shoes.

We aim to allow the children free flow access between indoor and outdoor environments as long as it is safe to do so.  Plimsoles are a good, safe footwear for indoors.  Please label all your child’s clothing & footwear.

Due to the nature of the activities that we do and the fact that we don’t want to restrict their play too much, we would suggest that best clothes are not worn to Pre-school as they do tend to get messy!

We recommend Pre-school Sweatshirts and T-shirts as it takes away the worry of what to dress them in and helps them to feel part of the group.

Sweatshirts = £8:00 / T-shirts = £5:00.  Also Book-bags can be purchased for £3:50.


If someone different is collecting your child, could you please make sure that Pre-school is aware of who this will be by writing it in the Parent Book. Also, if you change your address or phone numbers could you please let us know so we can ensure emergency contact details are kept up to date.

Notice Board:

Our notice board in the lobby is one of the ways that we can keep you informed of all the relevant information such as policies, procedures and activity plans. This is to ensure that your child’s time at Pre-school is safe, secure and as much fun as possible.


If your child has sickness or diarrhoea, they should not attend Pre-school for 48 hours after the symptoms have gone, as they may still be infectious.

Also, if your child has a very heavy cold and/or cough please keep them off Pre-school so infection is not spread to others.  Please ring or text us on Pre-school’s number 07855 279 934 by 9:15am if your child is unable to attend for any reason!

Healthy Eating:

We have a healthy eating policy at Pre-school and therefore encourage all parents to support us in this by sending their child into Pre-school with a healthy and manageable lunch. (No chocolate Bars, Sweets or Fizzy Drinks). But please supply your child with a drink if they are staying for lunch!

Children’s Toys:

If it is at all possible, could you please try to limit the amount of toys/objects that your child may bring into Pre-school.  This is because they may be lost, broken or get mixed up with our own toys and therefore very upsetting for the child concerned.

World Book Week:

Week commencing 2nd March we will be participating in “World Book Week”.  The aim is to create an opportunity for young children to enjoy books and experience a wide range of language through stories and rhymes.  We are planning a number of activities linked to the children’s favourite stories and rhymes, including dressing up as their favourite story book characters. We would also like parents to come and share their own favourite stories.  More details will follow in due course!

Learning Journey’s:

We will be scheduling ’Parental Consultations’ for all parents/carers during the Spring Term. This is so your child’s Keyperson can go through their ‘Learning Journey’ folder with you and discuss how they are progressing.  However, if you would like to see your child’s ’Learning Journey’ before this, please speak to your child’s Keyperson to arrange a suitable time.  Details to follow in due course

Dates to remember 2020:

First day – Spring Term = Thursday 9th Jan.

Half Term – Last Day = Friday 14th February.

Half Term – Return = Monday 24th February.

End of Autumn Term = Friday 3rd April.

First day of Summer Term  = Monday 20th April 2020.