Daily Activities

Registration / Circle Time

Our day begins with ‘Registration / Circle Time’ where we sing our ‘Welcome’ song, take the register then count together how many children there are.  The children are encouraged to bring along or talk about something that interests them and we also have a ‘Letter’ and ‘Number’ of the Week. This helps them to develop communication skills and self-confidence.  We then end by singing a favourite rhyme or song or even learning a new one together.


We have a wide variety of activities on offer, centred around the themes covered in our EYFS objectives. Each child is treated as an individual  and encouraged to follow their own interests, to learn both independently and within small groups, which develops personal, social and emotional skills.

Our children can easily access a wide range of activities on offer during each session, these could include:  arts & crafts, construction, cookery, dressing up, inviting writing, modelling with play dough, musical movement, painting, playing in the home corner, playing musical instruments, puzzles and maths games, reading in the book corner,  singing, story time, threading activities and using the computers.

Snack Bar

At around 10:00am each day snack bar is opened by a practitioner, the children are encouraged to wash their hands then find and bring their name card to the practitioner where they can then choose milk or water and a savoury biscuit and piece of fruit.  The children are encouraged to ‘self-serve’ and, once they have finished, to wash their bowl and cup if they like. Snack bar also takes place during the afternoon session each day; the children also have access to water at any time.

Outside play

The children are able to access the outdoor area through free-flow play whatever the weather!  We have an all weather canopy and a large grassy area with sandpit, slide and play house. We also have a wide range of outdoor toys such as push-chairs, bikes and hula-hoops which encourage co-ordination, control and movement.  Children enjoy outdoor play using their physical abilities to gain better bodily co-ordination and skills.

Our children also take part in musical movement (Sticky Kids) and we have regular exercise sessions  using different equipment and even have use of our colourful parachute to play such things as ball games, colour recognition and learn other games with movement.

Story time and music

Each session finishes with either a story or music time. The children are encouraged to join in with story time by repeating refrains and responding to questions about what they have listened to.  Sometimes we use props, such as puppets, which the children love, taking turns to tell the story. At music time the children love to participate by playing different musical instruments and singing.  Some children will volunteer to sing their favourite songs which is a great way to build their confidence!

Afternoon Sessions

After children’s lunch time; the afternoon session begins and everything that is on offer in the morning session carries on throughout the afternoon so no child will miss out on any activities.

Outings, Visits and Events

We try to arrange outings for the children and in the past we have visited Ladyland Farm and the Bluebell Railway.  We also arrange for members of the local community and/or friends or relatives to visit the children and talk about their jobs.

At Christmas the children take part in a play for the parents. This takes place on our stage in front of parents, family and friends who are always amazed given the age of the children involved.

The children also do a Christmas and Easter Newsletter to show their progress over each term.  During the summer term we also hold a Sports Day, all proceeds from which go to a chosen charity.